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Process(es) : Simple welding, MAP, SKIN, Souple sous vide, Shrink

The FS 950 is modular in design thermoforming machine, with a maximum width of 620 mm, can be adapted from a standard frame to all production configurations.


Fully stainless steel machine.
Automatic shifting of posts.

Quick change of tools: in less than 5 minutes.

Centralized lubrication of stations

Big step machine.

Multiplicity of cutting systems.

Thermoforming machine synchronizable with all types of accessories: double reel holder, slicer, dosage, marking, …

This flexibility of use gives this thermoforming machine a very great ease of use, while guaranteeing, by its design, a very great robustness.

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General informations


Easy accessibility to thermoforming and welding tools thanks to the sliding casings, thermorforming and welding plates that can be lifted with assistance, complying with the standards in force.

Opening and closing of the plates in 8 seconds thanks to the system of self-locking handles (Mecapack patent);

The mold and plate extraction system allows a quick change without tools;

These innovations make it possible to carry out a complete change of format without tools and to improve the overall TRS of the line;

Innovative cutting systems: transverse cutting with automatic adjustment in the event of a change in film thickness, longitudinal cassette cutting;

Cleanability: no retention zone.
This thermoforming machine is designed to allow on-line production. The FS 950 can be synchronized with all types of peripheral accessories.


Nettoyabilité : aucune zone de rétention.
Cette machine de thermoformage est étudiée pour permettre une production en ligne. La FS 950 est synchronisable avec tous types d’accessoires périphériques.

La thermoformeuse FS950 s’adapte à tous les types de produits solides, liquides ou pâteux

Le thermoformage se réalise par soufflage, vide ou pistonnage

Découpe :

  • guillotine,
  • écrasement,
  • forme,
  • poinçon-matrice
Technical Information
  • Electricity consumption: 8-20 kW
  • Compressed air: 6 bars
  • Air consumption: 50-100 m3 / h
  • Water consumption: 60-200 l / h
  • layout of stations, loading, evacuation, …

environmentaly friendly

The innovative packaging of tomorrow, it is what we will design together .

Each product has its own process. Packaging specialists and aware of the environmental issues linked to packaging, we work daily on the development of new solutions in partnership with various players. From these different collaborations were born different packaging that is ecological, greener and more innovative.

It is possible to work with trays thermoformed by our machines, in various eco-responsible materials thanks to bio-based, biodegradable, single-material and recyclable films (eg PP or simple PET) with thermoforming carried out by blowing, vacuum or pistoning.

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