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MECAPACK, packaging specialist designs packaging machines for different sectors of activity. We provide them with solutions adapted to the finished product, both in terms of machine technology and R&D development of the packaging. Each product requires specific packaging that meets health, quality and safety standards.

Agri-food sector

In the food industry, Mecapack maintains long-standing relationships with certain partners ranging from producer-breeder, local retailer (eg butcher / pork butcher), to larger structures in the food industry. We design packaging machines that are perfectly suited to small and medium series production and also solutions designed for high speed. Perfectly adaptable to your existing lines, we are able to provide turnkey equipment and the appropriate packaging solution.

Are you from the food industry and looking for a food packaging solution that matches your product? Do you want to innovate in your packaging? Find the machine and packaging that will meet your expectations by presenting your project to one of our Mecapack experts.

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Mass catering is a sector that is familiar to us. We work with many foodervice communities, in particular thanks to the partnership with NUTRIPACK – specialist in trays, which allows us to offer packaging machines adapted to your needs. Over the years, we have developed food packaging solutions, particularly in traysealing, which meet the needs of the foodservice market.

Ergonomic, our packaging machines are designed and adapted to meet the needs of foodservice communities according to the desired production capacity as well as ease of use while ensuring compliance with sanitary standards for packaged products.

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Pharmaceutical area is a specific sector of activity which requires packaging solutions adapted to established health standards.

We are able to produce specific pharmaceutical packaging machines, of the blister type, for drugs and also all medical equipment (compress, syringe, etc.).

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We design packaging solutions for the industrial sector in order to package your products according to your needs.

We work a lot on hardware, maintenance and cosmetic products by making tailor-made packaging for your products. Do you have a project, a specific need? We are at your disposal to support you.


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