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spécialiste packaging Mecapack

Line & process

Line & process of your production lines

Spécialiste emballage ligne process
Spécialiste emballage ligne process

Beyond you to propose an industrial process, we have the capacity to accompany you on your projects by engineering by line to become the innovating actors of packaging.

We have developed close partnerships with many players involved at all levels of line design.

With a true 360 ° vision of your project, we are able to support you by guaranteeing you the expertise and know-how of a multidisciplinary team.

Whether it is in the study of your packaging line, the choice of your packaging machines, in the project management or in the complete realization, all the key and strategic axes are thought out to guarantee a deliverable meeting your expectations.

environmentaly friendly

The innovative packaging of tomorrow, it is what we will design together .

Each product has its own process. Packaging specialists and aware of the environmental issues linked to packaging, we work daily on the development of new solutions in partnership with various players. From these different collaborations were born different packaging that is ecological, greener and more innovative.

It is possible to work with trays thermoformed by our machines, in various eco-responsible materials thanks to bio-based, biodegradable, single-material and recyclable films (eg PP or simple PET) with thermoforming carried out by blowing, vacuum or pistoning.

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