• Agri-food sector
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Process(es) : Simple welding, Vacuum and gas

The S2000 is a sealing machine for the packaging of your products. Automatic, it is thought and designed for a simple and fast use. Functional and ergonomic, operators will appreciate its use. This used tray sealing machine is ideal for small and medium production runs.

Because each of our machines is adaptable, the S2000 traysealer can benefit from the addition of peripherals to integrate with different processes.

With the S2000, it is possible to seal large containers/tray and large depths for larger products.

Its advantage: if the S1000 is already part of your machine park, you can benefit from the compatibility of its tooling between the two machines. Depending on your needs, you will be able to switch from a small production run to a higher production run for your packaging.

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General informations
  • WIDTH: 470 mm
Technical Information
  • LENGTH OF LOADING DECK per 1200 mm module (3 loading steps)
  • DISPLAY: touch control

Possible equipment, peripherals and accessories:

    • Chain lubrication
    • Sauce trap
    • Turntable
    • Re-rowing
    • Cooler
    • Edge nibbler
    • Vacuum pump
    • Slice hoover
    • Filters for volatile products
    • Marking system

environmentaly friendly

The innovative packaging of tomorrow, it is what we will design together .

Each product has its own process. Packaging specialists and aware of the environmental issues linked to packaging, we work daily on the development of new solutions in partnership with various players. From these different collaborations were born different packaging that is ecological, greener and more innovative.

It is possible to work with trays thermoformed by our machines, in various eco-responsible materials thanks to bio-based, biodegradable, single-material and recyclable films (eg PP or simple PET) with thermoforming carried out by blowing, vacuum or pistoning.

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