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Process(es) : Simple welding, Souple sous vide

Compact thermoformer for flexible films, the FS900 is a variable width machine. Easy to use, the FS900 offers optimized ergonomics, cleanability and accessibility. This customizable machine adapts perfectly to any type of production. Its quick tool-free format changes allow you to improve the overall TRS of your line. Ideal for all solid, pasty or liquid food products.

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General informations

The FS900 thermoformer is a compact variable width machine. It adapts to all types of solid or pasty products with the use of a flexible film.

Its cutting systems have been developed, suitable for all types of flexible films with straight guillotine cutting.

Its color touch screen integrates the control of temperature, vacuum levels, product positioning.

environmentaly friendly

The innovative packaging of tomorrow, it is what we will design together .

Each product has its own process. Packaging specialists and aware of the environmental issues linked to packaging, we work daily on the development of new solutions in partnership with various players. From these different collaborations were born different packaging that is ecological, greener and more innovative.

It is possible to work with trays thermoformed by our machines, in various eco-responsible materials thanks to bio-based, biodegradable, single-material and recyclable films (eg PP or simple PET) with thermoforming carried out by blowing, vacuum or pistoning.

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