O² 6000 IM

  • Agri-food sector
  • Industry
  • Pharma-medical
  • Mass foodservice
  • GMS

Like the O²5000, the O²6000 can be integrated into all production line configurations. It is a traysealer specially developed for in-line processes.

It can handle up to 5 trays per cycle (single line, 10 double),

Its PLEXI and / or STAINLESS STEEL casing is optimized for accessibility to the various stations (alignment, sealing, evacuation).

The format change on the O² 6000 range of traysealers is easily done using a mobile trolley specially designed to avoid the handling of heavy tools. It is sufficient to slide the tools from their station from the traysealer to the trolley and vice versa. A trick that saves operators time and effort.

The O² 6000 packages with or without Protective Atmosphere, on a whole range of processes offered by Mecapack.

The O²6000 is available in an “Intelligent Motion” (IM) version with brushless motors replacing pneumatic actuators, to increase speed, fluidity and flexibility.

General informations

The O²6000 traysealer is suitable for all types of solid, liquid or pasty products.

The lidding and cutting are managed automatically.
The packaging can be cut in two possible ways:

  • outside cut: Process for cutting the film outside the tray
  • inside cut: Process for cutting the film inside the tray
Technical Information

Power consumption: 15 kW
Current intensity: 26A
Compressed air: 6 bars
Air consumption: 8 m3 / h


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It is possible to work with trays thermoformed by our machines, in various eco-responsible materials thanks to bio-based, biodegradable, single-material and recyclable films (eg PP or simple PET) with thermoforming carried out by blowing, vacuum or pistoning.

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