Thermoforming machines

Thermoforming machine FS 930

Thermoforming machine : sturdy and modular

Thermoforming line : sturdy and modular, a packaging line suitable for all production. 


Compact and modular, incorporating a variety of input and output module lengths, a choice of intermediate units and a number of transfer-plate lengths


Flexible and/or semi-rigid film suitability


Fast and simple tool change


Various widths for film consumption optimisation.


Completely washable.


Thermoforming machine that adapts to all knd of accessories


Reverse handing option.


Touch screen.


Opt for the Ergonomics Pack!

Easy accessibility to thermoforming and sealing tools thanks to sliding guards and hinged upper tooling, without any restrictive handling;


Opening and closing of upper toolingin less than 10 seconds thanks to a Mecapack Patented auto-locking system;


The tooling extraction systemallows rapid changing of moulds and sealing plates;

Innovations that make it possible to carry out a complete change of format in a time comparable to that of a sealing machine without tools and to achieve a noticeable improvement in the overall operating efficiencies of a production line;

Multiply purpose cutting systems: cutting by compression without adjustment when changing thickness of film;

Easy cleaning: no bug traps.


These machines are carefully designed to allow on-line production that can be synchronised with all types of accessories.

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