In Line automatic Tray Sealers

Tray sealer S 2000 MF electric

Electric tray sealer

The electric tray sealing machine S 2000 MF  :

- is a stainless steel machine,

- is silent,

- is equipped with an ergonomic touch screen,

- is equipped with a new cutting technology,

- is designed for fast tooling changes,

- is equipped with a a new rewinding system,

Processes : standard retractable film, aluminium trays,  aluminium film, cardboard trays, pre-cuts, Inside Cut, MecaSkin, MecaSkin T, Slicepak®*, Mirabella®*.


Fast and simple tool changes

The electric S 2000 MF is a tray sealing machine that comes with a new “partial tooling” equipment system - this brand new concept simplifies format changes and also reduces tooling costs. Less than 5 minutes needed: reduced “down time” and thus increased production efficiencies.

User friendly 

It is no longer necessary to wait for the sealing plates to cool;

No more lost production time due to lengthy format changeovers;


Easy access to all areas of the equipment;

No more struggling with large and heavy equipment - all the sections are lightweight and easy to handle.

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