High speed In Line automatic Tray Sealers

Inline Tray Sealer O² 7000

A tray sealer dedicated to the inline process

This output tray sealer allows to seal trays on one or two lines.




2 Toolings on board

The O² 7000 inline tray sealer can be equipped with two toolings single lane on board.

This configuration allows the production of 2 different  formats of trays in NSM mode, without any change of format.

Reducing the number of operations of change of formats increases the productivity while the operator saves time.


The tooling changeover on the tray sealer Oxygen range is done in an easy way with a mobile trolley avoiding the handling of heavy tooling. The tooling is sliding from the tray sealer to the trolley and vice versa. This artifice saves time and efforts for the operators.

Safety and Access

O² 7000 is a tray sealer cased with stainless steel and plexiglass that provides an easy to use and safe workspace for the operator.

These guards give access to all parts and toolings of the machine :

. Tailgate for front and superior guards;

. Retractable inferior guards.


The global casing of the machine protects your products from any intrusion during the sealing operation.


The frame of the O² 7000 is made of stainless steel with plexiglass guards for a complete interior and exterior wash of the machine. Conveyors are dimountable in oder to wash the machine entirely, Free-draining frame design.

The Oxygen machine range allows a top quality seal with or without modified atmosphere on the different process offered by Mecapack.


Processes: standard, shrinkable film, aluminium film, aluminium trays, carboard trays, pre-cuttings, Inside Cut, Skin, VisioPac®, Slicepak®*.


Slicepak® is patented by Cryovac Inc a subsidiary from Sealed Air Corporation

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