Packaging Oscars

S 3500 Flex nominated (2011)

Mecapack introduced its innovation to the Packaging Oscars 2011: the tray sealer S 3500 Flex.


What was our aim?

The food industry receives their orders from its customers later and later. Due to this emergency, the industrialists have to produce several times a day on a same line. That’s why they are so attached to the machines’ flexibility, in particular the easiness of format changes.

In light of these facts, the main purpose is to increase the overall OEE for the industrialiststhanks to:

.improved format change-over: less than 2 minutes

.improved ergonomics of the working stations in particular for the operators.


What’s the benefit of this innovation?

The main asset of this tray sealing machine is the 2 minutes format change-over as compared to the 15 required minutes for a standard machine. At the rate of 2 format change-over within a 4 hours period, the gross OEE of 88% with a standard tray sealer goes up to 99% with a S 3500 Flex. Once the “Vacuum and Gas” mode is activated, the S 3500 Flex reaches a speed of 1390 trays per hour.

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