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a productive investment



New Mecapack machine : a productive investment for the company Del Maître Conditionnement for his sauerkraut.

More than a simple packaging improvement, a real revolution is happening in 2012. This new industrial tool will increase the product units of 20%, satisfy the new way of consumption and bring the product on new growth market.

The delicious sauerkraut optimizes its packaging

The Del Maître sauerkraut is now available in oval microwavable trays. It’s the opportunity to boost this product mainly consumed in winter, more particularly in France where people appreciate this kind of ready made, convenient and quality dish is well appreciated. The innovating shape of this tray distances itself from the other products of same kind on the French and Swiss markets. The other ready made sauerkrauts are vacuum packed and have to be consumed in a different container. That’s why this packaging is absolutely innovating.

Thanks to its new packaging, the Del Maître sauerkraut will make the departments more dynamic and captivate the consumers looking for typical dishes with a high quality and convenient to prepare.

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